Is Online Learning Suitable For All Levels of Education?

Online Learning Rapid advancements in technology have accelerated the growth of online learning, otherwise known as e-learning.  E-learning has made great strides in terms of quality, ease of accessibility, and use. Therefore, it is suitable for all levels of education, from early childhood education to doctoral studies and all levels in between. In light of […]

We Should Be in the Business of Thinking, not Worrying, During the COVID 19 Pandemic

Covid 19 Pandemic Many countries around the world have implemented a full or partial lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are advised to work and study from home, if possible, to control the spread of the disease. When we go online or switch on the television, we are bombarded with news about the […]

Why COVID 19 Pandemic End Should Not Make You Panic

COVID 19 Pandemic End In around three months since Coronavirus began, it has spread into a worldwide pandemic that is forcing institutions, cities and even countries to shut down. That is bad news. The more positive news is that countries globally have taken the threat of the illness seriously, and are taking effective measures to […]