All American Boys Summary

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The All American Boys summary shed light into one of the best books on racial profiling and police brutality. In 2020, George Floyd’s murder led to massive outrage. The Black Lives Matter Movement, BLM, came to life, and there were many protests. Racial profiling has been a social issue in society. 

Authors of our time have come face to face with it. Reading a book that one can relate to so well, either as a black boy or a white boy, makes all the difference. All American Boys is a powerful and timely story about race, justice, and friendship.

In this article, we explore the All American Boys summary and the authors behind the masterpiece. 

About the book

All American Boys is a young adult novel by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. It tells the story of two high school boys – one black and one white – who become involved in a brutal incident of police violence. The book explores the incident and how it affects the lives of two boys and their families. All American Boys is a powerful and timely story about race, justice, and friendship.

The book centers on the fictional town of Somerset, Virginia, where high school sophomore Rashad Butler gets brutally beaten by a police officer. His friend and classmate Quinn Collins witnesses the attack and feels compelled to speak out about what he saw. As the story unfolds, we see how the incident affects both boys and their families and how it highlights the disparities between black and white communities in America. All American Boys is a moving and thought-provoking novel that will stay with readers long after they finish it.


Highly Recommended

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All American Boys is a powerful and timely story about race, justice, and friendship. It is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the Black Lives Matter movement and its essence. This book will spark vital conversations about race and injustice and will stay with readers long after they finish it.

About the authors

Jason Reynolds

There is a reason Jason Reynolds is a New York Times best-selling author; he throws his heart into his work. He is the author of many young adult and teen genre books. One of his best works is ‘Look Both Ways. The All American Boys summary is a masterpiece from one of his collaboration novels.

Author Jason Reynolds has won awards like the Edgar award for young adults. Reynolds has tackled racism and police brutality in many of his works. Additionally, he is not new to the Coretta Scott King Honor Writer Award and several other awards. His books feature five-star reviews from the best reviewers. 

Brendan Kiely

Brendan Kiely is a York Times best-selling author. He is the co-author of the book “All American Boys. Also, Kiely has authored three more books. 

Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely use their racial experiences to teach young adults and teenagers about Racism and anti-racism. They also use their experiences to write an insightful young adult book.

Brendan Kiely’s other works include Tradition, The last love story, and The talk: Reckoning with our white privilege.

Kiely has received several awards for his work, including a Coretta Scott King Author Honor Award and the Walter Dean Myers Award.

Brendan King is engaged in talks on Racism, white privilege, feminism, and other significant social issues of our time.

All American Boys Summary

The book follows the lives of two high school students, Quin Collins, a white male, and Rashad Butler. One Friday afternoon. Rashad and Quinn have plans to go to a party at Jill’s house. Jill is Paul’s and Guzzo’s cousin, and Quinn Collins has a crush on her.

Rashad stops at a local store to buy a bag of chips when a text from his brother distracts him when he puts his bag down. A woman shopping at the store trips over him, and Rashad’s bag of chips goes across the aisle, drawing the attention of the police officer manning the store.

Jerry’s is a local store in a small neighborhood. After some shoplifting incidents in the shop, a police officer patrols the shop on shifts.

Quinn is outside waiting for someone to buy the alcohol they will take to the party. The officer rushes to Rashad and drags him outside. He attacks Rashad and cuffs him. Rashad’s pleadings are meaningless as he faces police beatings.

It happens too fast that the woman at the store or Rashad cannot explain the situation. Quinn is right on time to witness the squabble, but he stands there saying nothing. He hides, and Paul Galluzzo has Rashad on the ground in front of Jerry’s. Quinn and his friends run from the scene and go to the party to forget about the incident.

Rashad tries to explain himself, but the cop sees it as resistance. He is in pain from being pinned on the concrete and cannot hold still. He also receives punches from the cop, making him more restless. The cop mistakes Rashad’s resistance to lawlessness.

The white police officer mistakes Rashad’s pleadings as disobedience. Rashad is helpless, facing police brutality for his skin color.

Quinn is watching, but he says nothing as his friend faces the assault. He is the only witness that can help his classmate. Quinn’s father passed on in Afghanistan and is now under the care of his mother. He is friends with Dwyer and Galluzzo. Quinn has a little brother, and the town expects him to live up to his father’s legacy.

The book follows the events after the incident that tears the town into tension amidst the police brutality incident. Kiely and Reynolds shed light on the life of a black boy who, despite being taught how to act right finds himself in a single violent moment that alters his life.

Rashad Butler is at the heart of a media frenzy when they discover his predicament through a video. Quinn Collins has to choose whether to talk about the incident. 

Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely do a great job at portraying a society torn by racial discrimination. They address police brutality and what we can do to help the situation. While it is just a single incident of police brutality, it has lasting effects on racial relations.

Two award-winning authors deliver diverse and alternating perspectives on what everyone goes through during such moments. The authors carefully plotted a character-driven story on racial brutality to show how a white cop throws a sixteen-year-old Rashad on the ground. The incident leads to racial injustice.

All-American Boy is a great book. The young adult book is excellent for teenage audiences though some schools have banned the book. Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely to stop racial injustice, but we support it by turning a blind eye and avoiding standing up for the truth. The book receives accolades as a problem novel.

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