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9 Key Points on How to Read Literature Like a Professor By Thomas C. Foster

Literature is a sweet way to enjoy your free time and refresh your mind. It is also a requirement to pass your English classes. Thomas C. Foster was a professor-no surprise. He offers the best tips on how to read Literature like a professor in his book with the same title. Reading Literature should be […]

The Most Resilient Jobs During COVID-19

The Most Resilient Jobs During COVID-19 The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected organizations and inevitably, employees. Many people have been rendered jobless, others have had to take pay cuts, while others have transitioned to working from home. Additionally, it has become more challenging for to secure stable employment. The digital accelerations […]

Why COVID 19 Pandemic End Should Not Make You Panic

COVID 19 Pandemic End In around three months since Coronavirus began, it has spread into a worldwide pandemic that is forcing institutions, cities and even countries to shut down. That is bad news. The more positive news is that countries globally have taken the threat of the illness seriously, and are taking effective measures to […]

Why Project Managers Should Resist Project Baseline Changes

As a project manager, you can resist changes to the project baseline. The baseline represents the approved scope, schedule, and cost. Changes to the baseline can have a ripple effect on the entire project, jeopardizing its success. As a project manager, you oversee the project and formulate a plan on how to meet the set […]

Romeo and Juliet: Movie and characters, 1968

Romeo and Juliet Summary Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare about two young lovers who are forced to part ways. Despite their families feuding, the two young people can’t help but be drawn to each other. Eventually, Romeo and Juliet are forced to marry someone else in order to end the […]

What are the benefits of teaching mands – wonderful 5

  Manding: Teaching mands and scoring Yasmine is a three-year-old girl who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two. She has never had functional language and exhibits frequent tantrums in the form of screaming, dropping to the ground, and kicking her feet. Yasmine recently began attending an ABA center and is your new […]

Detailed Research on Contextualization and its Significance in Study of Muslim Community

Contextualization is situating a particular event or phenomenon within its larger social, political, and economic context. In the study of Muslims in minority contexts, contextualization is significant for understanding how Muslims interact with the majority population and navigate their identities within a broader multicultural milieu. Contextualization in studying Muslims as a Minority group The context […]

The Future of Work: Are Your Skills Up To Date? 5

The Future of Work: Are Your Skills Up To Date? The world, as we know it, is changing rapidly and to adapt affectively in the working world, it is essential to keep ones skills updated. According to the World Economic Forum, up to 50% of the workforce will need to increase their skills or acquire […]

Global Economy Influential Organization

Organizational change is an ongoing process in a global economy. However, not all organizations readily adapt to change. It can result from various factors, including employees resisting change or a lack of resources. Organizational change can be difficult, but businesses must remain competitive. By understanding the challenges and being prepared to overcome them, organizations can […]

9 Popular Theories about Motivation

Motivation psychology tries to explain how human beings experience different levels of motivation, despite sharing the same environmental factors. There are various theories about motivation. Human motivation varies, and science seeks to understand what drives motivation in different people. Motivation psychology examines psychological, environmental, and biological variables, and how they affect motivation. The science further […]

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