Is Seeking Academic Help Ethical?

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Seeking Academic Help is Not a New Phenomena

Hundreds of thousands of students across the world use the services of essay writing companies and freelancers to write their assignments. In recent years, this practice has been the subject of controversy, with some facets of the media and academia describing it as being ‘illegal’ and ‘unethical’. However, seeking the assistance of a professional writer is not an entirely new phenomenon. For hundreds of years, politicians, scriptwriters, and even musicians have been known to hire professional writers to create high-quality content for them. In the same manner, a student may require to tap the expertise of another writer, not because they lack the knowledge or ability to write one but to produce a top-quality paper that scores them better grades.

Custom essay writing services are a requirement

Calling custom writing services unethical is too simplistic and self-righteous because it overlooks the legitimate issues faced by students that may lead them to opt for academic assistance. One of the main reasons students use these services is the fact that they have several roles to juggle. Studying can be stressful and demanding, and to add to their heavy school workload, students have jobs, family responsibilities, and other important interests. Many students have to work part-time and some even full-time to afford tuition to pursue tertiary education. Therefore, students seek these services because, despite all the responsibilities they hold, it is necessary for them to perform well in their studies.

What is the place of non-native English speakers?

The opinion that seeking academic assistance is unethical also fails to consider the fact that not all students speak English as their native language. Many non-native English speakers understand the concepts of what they are taught but have difficulty expressing this fluently in English. Therefore, they end up with poor grades because of their inability to translate the concept into a well-written paper.

Opponents of academic assistance also fail to consider that the education system focuses too much on grades such that one’s grades may make or break a student’s chances of having a successful career. This focus on grades is unethical because it diminishes the value of education and shifts its focus to grades.

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