Why COVID 19 Pandemic End Should Not Make You Panic

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COVID 19 Pandemic End

In around three months since Coronavirus began, it has spread into a worldwide pandemic that is forcing institutions, cities and even countries to shut down. That is bad news. The more positive news is that countries globally have taken the threat of the illness seriously, and are taking effective measures to protect their population. Scientists are also working hard to design tests, vaccines, and treatments, and there has been a significant success so far.

How to Manage Anxiety

As new information and statistics about Coronavirus are churned out several times daily, it is easy to succumb to panic and anxiety. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the constant mention of COVID-19, you’re not alone. While it is true that we cannot ignore the illness, there are several things we can do to minimize our risk of infection and also reduce our worries during this period.

Observe basic hygiene and physical distancing

Washing your hands with soap and water or using an alcohol-based sanitizer reduces the risk of spreading the virus. It is also important to minimize movement and keep away from crowded places. During this period, one should avoid close contact with people such as hugs and handshakes.

Get Information from Trustworthy Sources

There is a lot of false and upsetting information about the virus. Ensure that you only use trusted sources of information. Additionally, keep in mind that news sources may sometimes tend to focus on the grim aspects of the pandemic. Several stories of hope and recovery barely receive the same attention. Therefore, it is advisable to take a break from watching the news, reading about or discussing the virus, and focus on positive things in your life.

Physical Distance not Social Distance

To maintain a sense of normalcy during self-isolation, stay in contact with your friends, family and the world through social media and phone calls.


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