War What is it Good for? An Astounding Scrutiny of the Necessity of War

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War what is it good for? War has long been a topic of debate, with people divided into its benefits and drawbacks. There are many varied viewpoints about war. Some feel that warfare is necessary to preserve one’s nation or way of life, while others believe it only leads to death and devastation. There is no simple right or wrong answer; it is up to each person to decide. In this essay, we look at severe violence meted out on people and soldiers, and some benefits of war. Let us now examine war what is it good for?

The first World war happened between 28th July 1914 and 11th November 1918. The first world war may have led to several deaths and destruction, yet it also brought life to colony states. Approximately 8.50 million soldiers lost their lives from the war and war-related wounds. Also, 13 million civilians lost their lives during the war. The states gained their independence from their colonizers. The independence movement would run throughout the second world war.

The war led to the uprising of capitalist states and independence. Many nations were struggling under their colonizers. They had to give up their freedom and rights to own their land and self-rule. Most African colonies had their resources shipped abroad, while they did not receive compensation. Any resistance to the regimes would beget violence. Many people lost their lives to colonial soldiers.

War is a broad term that encompasses a variety of situations. War can involve tiny fights to large-scale conflicts. Also, it involves two or more groups of people fighting over territory or ideas. One can attack their enemies with weapons or choose to use words. People can fight for religious reasons or political supremacy. War may aim to preserve one’s way of life or as an act of terrorism against another culture. Yet, we still do not have an answer to the question War what is it good for?

War what is it good for?

War what is it good for? War can be an economic boost for some nations. Some countries reap big during the war. Once they invade a territory, they can take their resources and use them for their gain. The Ukraine and Russia war brought a food crisis when Ukraine could no longer export its food. The food and gas crisis continues to affect several nations and create supply problems. Other countries that supply the same goods are struggling to meet the ballooning demand for the goods. 

War is a way to build some economies. Military spending has positive economic effects. People learn to cooperate and work together for a common goal during wartime. There is also a sense of camaraderie between soldiers.

War can lead to development. When supply to an area is cut off by war, other regions step up to bridge the gap. Also, some nations go into war to defend their territories against exploitation. When they win, they can successfully get economic freedom. If foreigners have taken hold of a country’s resources, only war can lead to liberation.

Although war is notorious for causing human misery, some believe it can lead to positive outcomes. Some argue that war strengthens nations and brings people together. Others believe that war is an essential part of human history and that violence is a natural part of the human condition. 

Many young men and women find redemption in army camps. They build genuine careers and enjoy benefits from their work. Monies spent on funding war employ several people ad give hope to their families. 

The ugly side of war is where young men and women lose their lives while “serving their nation.” They leave behind young children, grieving spouses, and broken parents. Even when they come back, some live with lifelong trauma for life and endure years of depression and mental health problems. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a burden to their families and their loved ones for life. At worst, some veterans take their lives and kill their loved ones. War is a pain that we can avoid.

War is a senseless act that leads to mass destruction and loss of lives. Recent wars between countries would end if leaders put their differences aside and chose peace. While people reap during the war, the lives lost are a constant reminder of the ugly side of war. In addition, women and children have to endure abuse and suffering. War, what is it good for?

Lastly, the scars from war last for life. People constantly remember what life they enjoyed before it all happened. The lost lives also make it harder to forget. Malnutrition and trauma may have lifelong effects on the victims. War what is it good for? Does war build or destroy the society?

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