How Powerful is Cengage in Detecting Cheating?

Can Cengage Detect Cheating?: There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, there are some methods that Cengage may use to detect cheating in its courses. One method is through the use of software that can identify similarities in essays or test answers. If Cengage suspects cheating, it may also compare student work […]

Persuasive Writing: What is Persuasive Writing?

What is Persuasive Writing? Persuasive writing is writing in which the writer attempts to convince the reader to agree with his or her opinion on a topic. For persuasive writing to be effective, it must contain factual information and emotional appeal. Persuasive writing is a popular tool in advertising to get people to purchase a […]

Does silence imply consent during the formation of contracts?

Does silence imply consent? This is a critical question in the making of contracts. In the formation of contracts, silence does not imply consent. The reason for this is that in order to form a contract, both parties need to agree. If one party is silent, then they cannot be assumed to have agreed to […]

Enron Case Study: What happened in Enron Scandal?

The Enron case study Scandal : The fall of a Wall Street darling The Enron scandal was a financial scandal that occurred in the United States in 2001. The company, which was then America’s seventh-largest, filed for bankruptcy protection in December 2001. Efforts to conceal the company’s true financial condition led to investigations by the […]

Romeo and Juliet: Movie and characters, 1968

Romeo and Juliet Summary Romeo and Juliet is a play written by William Shakespeare about two young lovers who are forced to part ways. Despite their families feuding, the two young people can’t help but be drawn to each other. Eventually, Romeo and Juliet are forced to marry someone else in order to end the […]

Why I want to be a nurse: 3 Major reasons

Why I want to be a nurse: Have you ever been asked questions like, why did you choose Nursing as your future profession? Or do you have questions on why you need to choose a nursing career? Nursing is a challenging and rewarding career that I am passionate about. Nurses play a vital role in […]

Preparing an Integrated Marketing Communication plan

How do I write an integrated marketing communication plan? integrated marketing communication mix You have been recently recruited as a brand communication executive at an established FMCG company in the UK. As part of your role, you are to develop an integrated communication plan for a brand specially dedicated to a potential target market. integrated […]

The architectural themes and elements

 • Who are the actors and agents in the process of creating new identities through architecture and what are their roles? • What are the patterns and criteria for distinguishing the “own” from the “foreign” in architecture? Aexcellent ideas- • What are the specific architectural themes and elements that are used to transfer the notion […]

What percentage of customers spend 35 minutes

West Coast Health Corp. develops new probiotic food ingredients. They developed a prototype of a new organic material which can substitutes unhealthy oil. They have performed preliminary marketing and financial analysis to determine their target customers. Following parameters are determined with certainty: Selling price= $1200 /ton New technology cost= $ 850,000 Advertising cost= $700,000 The […]

International aid to poor countries. 4

In many countries school pupils must wear a uniform. Swedish schools ought to have uniforms as well. Argue for or against. Grammar is a necessary evil in language teaching. Argue for or against. International aid for poor countries Giving international aid to poor countries is not beneficial. Argue for or against. The voting age should be lowered to 16. […]