The Oxana Malaya and its Significance in Studying Sociology

Born Oksana Oleksandrivna Malaya, Oxana Malaya puzzled the world over. She was born in the village of Nova Blagovishchenka. She was under the care of an alcoholic father. 

The young girl, Oxana Malaya, is a feral child living with dogs in the streets of Odesa, Ukraine, in 1991.

Her alcoholic parents had abandoned her and left her under the care of dogs since she was two years old. Malaya did not know how to speak or walk on two legs. She was seven years old at the time of discovery. Her mental capacity was below her development as she behaves like a dog. She barks, walks on all fours, and handles personal hygiene like one. 

Oxana Malaya’s story is tragic. She was raised by dogs and behaves like one. She has been receiving treatment for mental impairment and has developed speech. Also, the therapy has helped Oxana develop some social skills. Though she has been on treatment, she still has a mental impairment that limits her intellectual capabilities. She has no capabilities to handle educational issues.

Significance of the Oxana Malaya story

Malaya’s story highlights the importance of sociology. Sociology is the study of human social relationships and institutions. It helps us to understand why people behave the way they do. Malaya’s story is an example of how important it is to understand the social factors shape early childhood development of a human being. Sociologists would be interested in understanding Malaya’s story to learn more about the impact of social factors on human behavior.

Malaya’s story is also an example of the importance of early childhood development. Her early experiences had a profound impact on her development. She may have developed differently, If she had received proper care and attention from her biological mother. Early childhood development is a critical time for children, and it is vital to ensure they receive the best possible care during this period.

Can Malaya Oxana Function as a Normal Human Being?

Oxana Malaya was a normal child at birth. After her alcoholic parents neglected her, she learned dog behavior and adopted to live like a dog. After therapy, She has been working at a farm milking cows. She can walk upright, although she cannot speak fluently. The little girl’s care at the orphanage school has helped her grow.

Oxana remains an intellectually impaired human being. Nurture plays a huge role in development. Consequently, the girl does not possess many basic skills.

Is Malaya Completely Rehabilitated?

Malaya is like many mentally disabled children. Though medical records show she was a normal child, years spent with wild dogs have had a lasting effect as they eventually transferred dog behavior. The training and specialized therapy only help her subdue dog-like behavior. Malaya can live a meaningful life under special care.

What is a feral child?

A feral child is a wild child. They have limited contact with human beings for a long time. Oxana is a perfect example of a child who became wild because of a lack of human contact for five years.

Malaya’s story has been in many TV documentaries, like the Portuguese channel documentary. They have also featured the Ukrainian woman in multiple articles and tabloids. In addition, he has been on the Russian talk show Govorit Ukraina and several others. The media have broadcast Oxana Malaya as a girl raised by dogs.

Malaya, the feral child, is the best example of how children need care from their mothers. Oxana Malaya is a Ukrainian woman internationally known for her dog-limiting behavior.

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