The Most Resilient Jobs During COVID-19

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The Most Resilient Jobs During COVID-19

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected organizations and inevitably, employees. Many people have been rendered jobless, others have had to take pay cuts, while others have transitioned to working from home. Additionally, it has become more challenging for to secure stable employment.

The digital accelerations that have occurred under COVID-19 have significantly changed the scope of employment opportunities. Below are the jobs that have proved to be the most resilient during COVID-19.

resilient jobs in 2020

Shipping and delivery services as resilient jobs

Social distancing and self-isolation has caused the growth of courier services.

  • Online learning:

Now that children are out of school across the world, learning has been transferred online. This has led to a boom in online learning.

  • Grocery stores and delivery services

Grocery stores that also offer delivery services have flourished as a result of the enforcement of social distancing measures.

  • Developers

COVID-19 has kept people indoors and people are spending more time online, and business are now, more than ever, relying on their online platforms to stay afloat. Developers ensure that business’ e-commerce platforms run without a hitch. The demand for skilled developers will continue to grow in the post-COVID world. This is among the most resilient jobs.

  • Sales Personnel

Many businesses have recorded a downturn in their revenues following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses in non-essential sectors especially, are now more than ever recruiting competent sales people who can help them promote their products and drive up their sales as resilient jobs.

  • Healthcare Personnel

COVID-19 has increased the demand for personnel for the day to day care of patients. The influx of patients has strained the healthcare system creating more opportunities. There is a growing demand for people who provide essential skills, goods and services in the post-COVID world. To remain relevant, it is essential to evaluate the skills you possess and find out whether they match with the available opportunities.

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