The Crucible by Arthur Miller 5 issues

Category: Literature

– Topics, Choose one of them: The crucible 

1. Analyze the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller using the critical lens of Gender studies

2. Discuss to what extent the play  Crucible by Arthur Miller may be relevant to stage in 2020

3. By analyzing diction and/or imagery in the play Crucible by Arthur Miller, what do we learn about the characters?

4. Discuss the turning point in the play Crucible by Arthur Miller and its effect on the audience

5. Discuss characterization in the play Crucible by Arthur Miller

6. In what ways can Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible be seen as social critique?

7. Discuss the genre of Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible-


1 The play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller (and play-text)

2 Refer to at least two secondary sources of high quality (academic books/anthologies, peer-reviewed articles)-

Instructions: .

Words: 810. Use the MLA referencing system-  Structure your essay in the following way:.

Follow the MLA style for documents, . an introduction that ends with a thesis statement in which you use the signal phrase “this essay argues . . .”. body paragraphs (point, example, and explanation). a conclusion. a works cited list on a separate page..

Based on the prompt / question you have chosen, formulate a thesis statement and then prove it in the body of the essay.   find more help here

Support your argument with evidence from the play-text and secondary sources.  Use literary terms needed

the crucible by Arthur Miller
The Crucible by Arthur Miller 5 issues 2

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