Racial Disparities and Criminal Justice

Category: Economics

This assignment requires you to research and digitally present information concerning incarceration rates in the United States compared to another country.

racial disparities

I am particularly interested in your determining whether in fact there are racial disparities in the criminal justice system here in the United States as has been suggested by some of our readings.

After completing your research, please complete the following:

A digital presentation: racial disparities

that you will be depositing into the designated assignment dropbox on Blackboard.

You must have at least 5 slides, which may include a reference page.

Your digital presentation will show, in approximately five slides: The problem of mass incarceration in the U.S.;

Who is disproportionately affected in the U.S. and why; racial disparities

And how the U.S. rates of incarceration compare with those rates of at least one other country

This project requires you to examine the criminal justice system in the U.S.

Please read the three chapters of The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander that you may find in the readings folder (Unit XI: Criminal Justice System and the New Jim Crow).

After reading, create a digital presentation (for example, PowerPoint or Prezi slide) that compares US incarceration rates with that of another country in order to make a global comparison.

Please try to have at least five separate slides that address this issue.

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