Why Page 174 To Kill a Mockingbird is Blowing up Online

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Page 174 to Kill a Mockingbird has been trending online with several memes on Twitter. The N-word, a racial slur against black people, has been around for centuries. Though forbidden, it was a common word in the early 1900s in places like Alabama. The book To Kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee uses the word severally.

Harper Lee creates a story based on his father, who was a lawyer. In his career, he represented two black men accused of murder. The decision angers the community, and they even plan to lynch him.

Students have found the book quite controversial. Reading the story in 2022 elicits different views from the younger audience. You may have seen a meme or two about page 174 to kill a mockingbird online.

In this article, we examine the passage and the deal behind reading kill a mockingbird on page 174 in class.

Harper Lee’s Use of the Racial Slur

The word first appears in the novel when Jem and Scout are discussing whether to use it. Jem says that it is a “bad word” and that they should not use it. Scout, however, is curious about the word and asks Atticus what it means. Atticus tells her that the word is “the ugliest one in the world” and that no one should ever use it.

The author uses the word later in the novel when Bob Ewell is questioning a witness in court. The witness, Bob Ewell, uses the word to describe Atticus’ client, Tom Robinson. The word appalled Atticus, and he immediately objects to the use of the word.

The final time the N-word appears in the novel is when Jem and Scout talk to Dill about what they would do if they found a dead body. Dill suggests they say that the N-word killed the person, even though they don’t know who did it. The idea horrifies Jem and Scout and tells Dill not to use that word again.

Page 174 To kill a Mockingbird Text

To Kill a Mockingbird By Harper Lee

Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel that deals with racism in America. Harper Lee uses the N-word throughout the novel to illustrate the hatred and bigotry black people faced during this period. While the N-word is offensive, it is vital to understand its historical context. It helps us to appreciate the message of the novel.

For ages, literature students have read To kill a mockingbird. It is a popular book that still educates and entertains. The book still ignites conversations even through memes. The book presents a tense moment when students have to read out loud on page 174 to kill a mockingbird in front of a white teacher.

What Happens on Page 174 to Kill a Mockingbird

On page 174 To kill a mockingbird, Harper writes a court scene. Tom is trying to explain his relationship with Mayella. How the friendship began, and how he would stop by several times on his way home.

The author uses the n-word several times to express how degraded black people were in the 1930s. Atticus has an uphill task explaining how a black man and a white woman would be friends. We already established that Mayella was lonely; more lonely than her neighbor, who never left his house in 28 years. However, it is blasphemous to ideate that a white lady and a black man would have a relationship.

Why is Page 174 Causing an Internet Frenzy?

Most students have shared their experiences in reading the story aloud. Moreso, reading page 174 and having to mention the n-word. Consequently, there are several memes on Twitter and around the internet. Most schools have even struck it out of the official school curriculums. A teacher can also struggle to use the abusive slurs used against black people in the novel.

Racial inequality remains a hard tackle for most people. Teachers and students must have discussions to understand a time in history when interracial relationships were unfathomable. To kill a mockingbird remains one of the best stories of all time.

The book To Kill a Mockingbird remains a powerful read. Though it is difficult to read the section aloud in class, it still resonates. The book presents a reality of a dark time in American history. Ultimately, Page 174 To kill a Mockingbird draws attention to the book years later.

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