A Simple Guide to Maggie A girl from the Streets
Words • 1611
Pages • 6
October 12th, 2022

Maggie a girl from the streets deviates from American Literature and digs deep into a life of an escort.

An Outlook on A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
Words • 1536
Pages • 6
September 29th, 2022

A tale of magical realism. A very old man with enormous wings

An Exhilarating Interpretation of “The Old Guitarist” 1903- A Painting by Pablo Picasso
Words • 1125
Pages • 5
September 24th, 2022

Pablo Picasso’s “The old guitarist” is one of his most famous paintings. It is one of his notable works from the blue period. Notably, the particular painting is one of his most outstanding works. It is available at the art institute in Chicago. Picasso’s old guitarist remains one of his most artistic pieces to date. […]

Sister Golden Hair; A Critical Interpretation of the 70s Hit song
Words • 1363
Pages • 5
September 21st, 2022

Sister golden hair is a tale for many men in their prime who still want to explore.

Why Page 174 To Kill a Mockingbird is Blowing up Online
Words • 1055
Pages • 4
September 16th, 2022

Page 174 to Kill a Mockingbird has been trending online with several memes on Twitter. The N-word, a racial slur against black people, has been around for centuries. Though forbidden, it was a common word in the early 1900s in places like Alabama. The book To Kill a mocking bird by Harper Lee uses the […]

9 Key Points on How to Read Literature Like a Professor By Thomas C. Foster
Words • 1825
Pages • 7
September 9th, 2022

Literature is a sweet way to enjoy your free time and refresh your mind. It is also a requirement to pass your English classes. Thomas C. Foster was a professor-no surprise. He offers the best tips on how to read Literature like a professor in his book with the same title. Reading Literature should be […]

All American Boys Summary
Words • 1629
Pages • 6
September 5th, 2022

The All American Boys summary shed light into one of the best books on racial profiling and police brutality. In 2020, George Floyd’s murder led to massive outrage. The Black Lives Matter Movement, BLM, came to life, and there were many protests. Racial profiling has been a social issue in society.  Authors of our time […]

A Knight’s Tale Cast- Discover the Plot, Awards and Winning Moments
Words • 1480
Pages • 6
September 1st, 2022

A film is memorable when it’s cast delivers in both looks and performances. The location and setting also create a lasting impression. A heartthrob and a mind-blowing romance can make any film stick in your memory for life. A Knight’s Tale cast features Holywood’s favorite actors of the time. One of the brightest stars is […]

The Crucible by Arthur Miller 5 issues
Words • 330
Pages • 2
December 1st, 2020

– Topics, Choose one of them: The crucible  1. Analyze the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller using the critical lens of Gender studies 2. Discuss to what extent the play  Crucible by Arthur Miller may be relevant to stage in 2020 3. By analyzing diction and/or imagery in the play Crucible by Arthur Miller, […]

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