CITIBANK EQUITY CASE- 10 outstanding points

Category: Finance

With respect to the SIIA Citibank Equity case,

the deliverable is a 2-page case report+ exhibits showing calculations or other relevant material.

Please include all the material in one PDF file.

You will submit the PDF file on Blackboard – I have set up a drop box where you will upload the case report.

One one report per group is needed but please write down NAMES OF ALL GROUP MEMEBRS in your report.

The 2-page write-up should highlight the main points of the case and develop a solution or a way to think about the issues in the case.

The 2-pages should be 1.5 space, 12 point font. I would prefer to read a narrative rather than a Q&A on the questions I have mentioned in the case handout. 

citibank equity case

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