3 Motivational Theories and Talent Retention

Talent retention is a crucial part of company success. Successful organizations know their employees are their most valuable asset. To achieve success, they need to focus on Talent Management – attracting, developing, and talent retention. One of the key ways to keep top talent is by understanding and using theories of motivation. By understanding what […]

10 Presentation Tips Plus how to Apply the KISS Model

10 presentation tips, and how to make slides using the KISS model.

Ethical Dilemma and Ethical Lapse: What is the difference?

An ethical dilemma and ethical lapse mean different things. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up and use one in place of the other. Ethical lapse and ethical dilemma sometimes challenge professionals in their work. While at work, there principles that one must abide. Other times, one has to make a call between two […]

4 Model of Continuous Change

Model of continuous change shows change as a constant. Certain circumstances bring change and leaders must adapt new goals and strategies for their businesses.

How to Handle an Ethical Dilemma in Business Leadership

One ethical dilemma that concerns me the most as a leader preparing to implement a strategic change initiative is the potential for conflict of interest. If I am working with a team of people who are invested in the initiative’s outcome, there could be a conflict of interest. If I am giving preferential treatment to […]

Organizational Change and 4 Important Ways

While change is a fact of life. Everyone struggles to embrace it. Routine can be comfortable and relaxing for everyone. It can be difficult with work, where we spend most of our time. It can be disruptive and cause a lot of stress, making it vital to have a plan to help lessen the shock. […]

Evaluate Organizational Readiness

There are a few key tools that leaders can use to evaluate organizational readiness for change. One tool is to look at the history of the organization and see how it has responded to change in the past. This can give you a good sense of the organization’s “change muscle” and readiness to take on […]

Global Economy Influential Organization

Organizational change is an ongoing process in a global economy. However, not all organizations readily adapt to change. It can result from various factors, including employees resisting change or a lack of resources. Organizational change can be difficult, but businesses must remain competitive. By understanding the challenges and being prepared to overcome them, organizations can […]

Emerging Technology-8 Excellent observations

provide an (350-500 word) executive summary to describe how an emerging technology could solve a problem in your country. Create an Executive Summary that uses the following format to analyze the economic, legal, and cultural factors that affect organizations in a global business environment. Provide research/evidence that supports your summary.Introduction· Provide an overview of the […]

Rule of International Marketing- 6

Write a paper (1,000-1,250 words) that discusses the following questions through your research and analysis on the effect of the rule of law and ethics on the economy of the selected country. also check International marketing rule of law and ethics Support your claims using scholarly sources with in-text citations and references.·        Using the […]