The Role of Academic Freelancing during the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Academic Freelancing: Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Students

With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly across the world, many colleges and universities are taking precautions to protect the health of students and faculty members by minimizing the chances of outbreaks around campuses. One of the main ways these institutions plan to control the spread of the virus is by moving classes online. In online learning, lectures are delivered through videos and course notes, and students engage each other via chat threads.

Online Learning is the Way to Go!

Taking courses online typically involves a considerable amount of reading and assignments since students have to increase their effort to understand the course material by themselves. It is not uncommon for students to spend at least 10 hours per week on each course. Thus, while this online learning is one of the most effective methods of controlling the spread of the disease, it is likely to result in a heavier workload for students.

Unlike taking courses on campus, online learning is text-based. To interact with lecturers and students and respond to posts, you must type a message. Additionally, there is also a lot more reading work and assignments. Online learning requires more time and effort, which the average student lacks because they have to juggle several other commitments.

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